Who wore it Better? Rosie Huntington Vs. Kristen Stewart in Jason Wu

Hello My Luuxuries! We have two beautiful actresses with great taste in fashion in my opinion.Let`s start with Rosie Huntington.

Rosie Huntington:She is wearing her hair back and with a bold red lip, she has the dress buttoned all the way up, has like a belt around her waist and the bottom unlike Kristen Stewart is a skirt and she is wearing point pump heels.

Kristen Stewart: Her hair is up in a beautiful way, as for make up she is wearing a fabulous flush of a nude color, her top is not buttoned all the way, the strap is thicker than Rosie Huntington`s and their is a great difference in her bottoms she is wearing black shorts like a romper and I would consider this a romper. Her shoes are also pointy but are covering most of feet.

With that said I would have to say the winner is Rosie Huntington. The red lip compliments her skin tone and as well as her dress. Where as Kristen Stewart`s bottom and shoes just killed the whole entire outfit.

Now my question is who wore it better?

Source link: http://www.eonline.com/shows/fashion_police/news/371596/bitch-stole-my-lace-rosie-huntington-whiteley-vs-kristen-stewart-in-jaso

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