Who Wore it Better? : Kim or Kendall

Hey Luuuxers! Now we all know that there is one advantage of have sisters. What is it? That`s right its swapping clothes and wearing what`s in each others wardrobe. Well Kendall has certainly done that so lets Psycho-analyse both sisters and lets see who won the crown in Who Wore It Better?

Kim wore this gorgeous digi-print Azzedine Alaia dress in October 2010 and it has seem to seen many exposure since then. Kendall wore the same dress to the red-carpet event of the premier of `The Hunger Games.`

As much as I love Kim and her style, I personally think that she made this dress look a little mumsy, especially with the black opaques and the big belt did not really bring the whole outfit together as it should.

Kendall who is the second youngest of the Kardashian Klan did a really good job of wearing this dress. By wearing it simple and not adding any accessories and putting her hair back in a sleek ponytail has really made this outfit come together. The dress also has a better fit on her and really shows of her silhouette.

So in this case, I announce that the winner of this `Who Wore It Better?` goes to Kendall. Kendall you receive the crown this time; and on this occasion, I think Kim should have taken a leaf out of Kendall`s book.

Who do you think wore it better? I would love to see your responses in the comment section below. Your opinions are all well received.

Thanxx for reading my blog post!

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