Who wore it better? Katy Perry V.S Fergie

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I have yet another round of Who wore it better? There completely identical. Just one was seen on a magazine cover and the other was seen on social network that I`m not 100% sure. So let`s get started with the description

Katy Perry: Her hair is up and clearly she has bangs. Sometimes with Katy Perry you don`t know what hairstyle she is wearing. Her make up is pretty fresh except that she is wearing false eyelashes that one can see in an instant.Her nails are black or a dark color I can`t tell.

Fergie: Her hair is down and has waves working for her. The make- up is neutral as well. But her nails are a turquoise color or something close.

So now for the winner of this match.Fergie is the winner her hair is down making it look more wearable to an average person. I just love the color of her nails. Makes me want to go to the store and get the same color. Katy perry made it look like it isn`t much wearable to an average person, maybe because it is on a magazine cover. But overall they both can work that dress with out a problem

Now my question to you is Who wore it better?

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Source link: http://www.eonline.com/shows/fashion_police/news/337063/bitch-stole-my-versace-katy-perry-vs-fergie-in-metallic-purple-minis

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