Who uses Android is less willing to pay for quality apps?

Ryan Bateman, developer of Papermill, an Instapaper client for Android, the answer is yes.

In the text published by analyzing the performance of Papermill, Instapaper client for Android, developer Ryan Bateman made an outburst. He said that average users of the portable Google are less willing to pay for a quality application, preferring simpler options, but free.

The bet Bateman goes further: he also states that the average user of iOS, the OS for Apple iPad and iPhone, has a higher willingness to pay for any app if this is a more qualified. The opinions of the creator of Papermill come to light after a few weeks of the application available for sale at the official store of Google.

Since March 30, the client Instapaper sold just over 400 units, each costing $ 3.99, with 79 sales transactions were canceled or refunded. In addition, five units were traded by the application store from Amazon. According to the accounts of Bateman, the time spent in developing the Papermill would be the equivalent of $ 30,000.

Apparently, the main focus of the program are people that use the Android Ice Cream Sandwich, since 40% of sales were for the Papermill devices with this version of the system. Bateman A final conclusion is that the target of your application is a very restricted group of people who value quality and beauty of an app above all.

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