Who Loves Disney Pins?

4 years ago

I`m really a big fan of all things Disney. And one of the cool ways to express that love is collecting Disney Pins. They frequently run for about $7 - $15 depending on the size and characters. There are limited edition ones for various events making the experience that much more fun.

If you`re at a Disney Park/Resort/Cruise you can actually trade with employees that have the Pins Lanyard. It`s simple, if you see an employee has one you like, you can trade with them one of your Disney Pins. It`s to be an official Disney Pin and relatively good condition with the backing.

While on my most recent vacation I picked up a beginner set of Stitch Pins (8) and my wife picked up an Alice pin like the one above as well as two Mystery Princess Pins which turned out to be Jasmine and Pocohontas.

Talk the TALK
1) Do you collect Disney Pins or any other Pins?
2) What`s your hobby if Pin collecting is not your thing?
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