Who is -A ? PLL Theories!

Heyyyy guyss ! So yesterday and the Day before i was rewatching allll the pretty little liars from the start i know i know... (No Life!) LOL! But i`m pretty sure you guys wanna know who -a is is just as much as i do(: There is a tag about this on youtube that Allison(amarixe) and Carly (CarlyChristman) made up. And i know it`s late but i wanna do it... so with out further ado...(:
Ok. Well the writers said that they were going with someone different from the books and well we were all disappointed to find out it was mona-.- lol. And Carly Christman made me really think that it is ezra. ! Think about it Ezra is smart, he is everywhere when things seem to happen, He has a type writter , (-a) type writes most of the letter. The writers also said it is someone from the start that has been in season 1 even episode 1. I think it is Ezra. But also everyone goes back to thinking it can be..
when in fact. those characters make it soooo obvious. why would you make being -a soo obvious . you wouldn`t , Jenna and garret..they probably killled ali, but they aren`t a for suree. Jason yeah he`s cute lol jk and has that mysterious thing going on, but really NO. And Melissa haahah ok i doubt it but i do think she killed ian to cover up the baby thing, i think the baby is garret`s.
Also people rush to alllll the obvious wittnesses but in fact they forget who has been with them from season 1 episode 1 to where we are now season 3. Darren Wilden he may not be -a but im pretty sure he is corrupted and in the -a team. Because there is a team. You can obviously tell there is more than 1 person.
What do you think? Who is -a? And I did not Spoil anything !
comment below , who you think -a is(:

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