Who Else Was Looking Forward To The Pacquiao vs Maywheather Fight?

Pacquiao vs Maywheather, otherwise know as "The fight of the century", was once agaisnt called off by Maywheather. I have to say, this was expected. Paquiao has challenged Maywheather numerous times and each time Maywheather didn`t except the challenge. In my opinion Maywheather is scared of the Pac Man because he fears Manny will end his winning streak. Maywheather says that Paquiao is the one who is trying to "duck" the fight. Of course Maywheather would say it`s Paquiao not wanting to fight in an attempt to make himself sound uncowardly. Unlike Maywheather, Paquiao isn`t afraid to lose and he definately isn`t afraid to fight someone who has a high chance of beating him. Maywheather only fights guys he knows he can beat. Maywheather should stop avoiding this fight and finally give the people what they want. If this match ever does happen, you can bet that I`ll be rooting for Paquiao.

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