Who doesn`t love long CARDIGAN?

5 years ago

So were almost done with winter.I cant believe were almost done with this month.When i`m working i always put 2011 what! yeah i still feel like if it`s 2011 wrong!So i love looking at spring/summer outfit`s and i cant believe my eyes lol.So today i found this gorgeous outfit .

I usually don`t like outfit`s that have flower s but this one caught my eye so fast!!!So if you see she is wearing a dark blue/grey shirt.The shorts that she is wearing were some white shorts.The shoes taht she was wearing were some dark purple pumps.Last but not least is her pink ,green flower CARDIGAN.In my opinion i think her outfit doesn`t look put together but i love it.I usually don`t like long CARDIGAN but this one looks gorgeous on her.

To me the CARDIGAN looks more like a suit you wear when you sleep or wake up in the morning.Her purple heels loved them .I really don`t like wearing bright heels because they don`t match me.I love how she added different colors i`m more of a matchy person.Not too long ago i was awful in fashion.My sister use to make fun of me because i didn`t dress well.

After a i started to follow my sisters steps and i finally got the whole idea.Now she `s the one who needs my help lol.her hair looks awesome too.I love curling my hair too makes me look sexy lol jk.No but it does make me feel confident.This outfit would be nice if you wore it going shopping or even chilling with your friends.

When i go out with my friends i dress normal .When i go to parties i dress more like a party animal.I mean life is too short you got to live it up.I love the earings that she wore.I don`t like gold earings but these are just adorable.I love how long they are.My mom doesn`t like those .I have like a couple pair but not in gold.

Source link: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/587974-Take+your+pick-heels-shorts-earrings-cardigan

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