Who Am I?

3 years ago

Well hi there! I`m a completely brand new Luuux member, and you all are probably wondering who I am. Or not. In fact you probably don`t even care. But who cares, maybe a paedophile crept out of MySpace and wants to target a vulnerable, mentally unstable ginger child, then they`ve came to the right place! Oh God, I`m getting off of track. My name is ChloƩ, I`m 14 years old and from sunny Scotland! (Cue 1950 audience laughter.) Yeah right, it`s foggier than my future here. This is exactly what my psychiatrist warned me about, gotta think positively or they`ll put me back in hospital... Well maybe I should stop dampening this post and get into the real details. I`m best at English and Art, so you can call me the casual person I guess, I just drift through life keeping myself amused by laughing at myself and the incredibly fat gym teacher who likes to flirt with the old maths teacher that always looks nervous. Well, maybe I`m overreacting. I love to tell stories, but everyone calls it `lying` psh, no way would I lie! Well except from just then... I do write stories, but I never finish them. This will probably be my last post ever because I`ll have moved on or whatever, but at least you know someone like me exists!

Love Chloe.

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