Whitney`s Body Is Being Encase In Concrete To Keep Away Robberies!

4 years ago

Rumors are being spread over the internet is that Whitney Houston`s body will be encased in concrete to keep the robberies away. Her family feels like its the only way the robberies from stealing her jewelry that`s worth $500,000. Whitney Houston is buried with both diamonds brooch and a paired of earrings.

At the moment the singer is buried at the Fairview Cementary in New Jersey. There she `s rest in peace with a 24 hours guard who`s watching over her. Her lovely mother, Cissy thinks it already hard enough having to pay for the guards to watch her 24 hours. Both her family and celebrities thinks its a great idea because it will take the robberies forever to drill through the concrete!

I find it sad to say that robberies would actually do something this crazy. Respect the singer and let her rest in peace. People are so annoying when they do these type of stuff! Sigh!

1. What are your thoughts about this situation?
2. What`s your favorite song from Whitney Houston?

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