Whitney H. Album Price Increases Right After Her Death

5 years ago

The music world just lost one of the most powerful voices, Whitney Houston (R.I.P.) but that same music world (or should i say, business) is not being sensitive enough and is already trying to make more money of it.
Whitney Houston album are being more searched now, just like we have seen with other artists that have passed away and right after that the album sales increase a lot, and so Sony decided to cash in and increased the price of the albums and that includes the price on iTunes, where for example in the UK iTunes store, the album went from 4.99£ to 7.99£, and the same goes for everywhere else its sold.

Now this is a clear way of Sony and Apple trying to make money out of the death of one of their artist, and a person. There isn`t an excuse to cover up the price increase and more fans have complained about it and i think people shouldn`t buy the albums until they go back to their original price.

<strong>What do you think of Sony and Apple move with increasing the price of the albums?Don`t you also think its clear they are trying to make money off her death? Would you buy the album now?</strong>

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