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4 years ago

One thing we all notice when we look at somebody, is their teeth. Nasty teeth means nasty breath. And it`s just not attractive, or maybe you do find it hot, who knows? But whiter and healthier teeth can really make the difference to how your face looks, it can brighten your complexion and frame your face and highlight your eyes. It truly does make a difference.

As a coffee addict I can admit to having stains on my teeth. And I`m 99.9% positive that I am not the only one. However, I have found a way to counter act those nasty coffee teeth. It`s an old trick but a good one none the less. And a trick that you can do with stuff just laying around your house.
What you will need is: Some baking soda. I use arm and hammer.
Peroxide (don`t worry it won`t burn)
and some toothpaste (whitening whatever your preference is)
and a small bowl.

You`ll need one teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of peroxide, a smidge of warm water, and a little bit of toothpaste. Mix that concoction together in a small bowl, mix it together and brush your teeth for two minutes.
I do this twice a day, you can do it however often you are comfortable with. Literally in two brushes you`ll notice a difference, not only with the whiteness of your teeth but the health of your gums, and that your teeth will still feel dentist fresh after meals.
After doing this I`ll never go back to plain toothpaste.
Another bonus is that it refreshes your breath, but not in a toothpaste artificial way that your teeth feel dirty after drinking something, coffee breath doesn`t stick as bad, it is just a great way of cleaning your over all mouth!
If you guys have any extra tips or if you have tried it leave me some comments down bellow!
And remember to post any questions that you may have and I`ll answer them right away! :)

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