White Lips: Hot or Not??

4 years ago

Hi Luuuxers,<div><br /></div><div>

This is a important question, since many people insist to use white lip balm. I don&#39;t like it, i never liked it, and i dont understand how it is supposed to look good. In my oppinion people that use really white lipstick look like dead people. Expecially when that person is really tanned, then we can really notice the color of their lips! Is this a trend? I don&#39;t really know, but sometimes it looks like a epidemic in my school!</div>
<div><br /></div><div>The 1st photo i admit that is kinda cool, but not for outdoors, the second photo is what i was talking about. The second photo is a good example of what i was talking about when i ask if this looks good.. I still think not.</div>
<div><br /></div><div>

1.Do you use white lipstick?</div><div>
2.What do you think about this look??</div>

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