White iPad Mini?

4 years ago

*Picture From Source Link*
A repair company just released the photos above which happen to be the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini dock connectors. They will both be in black and white too. The dock connectors are not that big of a news since the iPhone 4s and the iPad products come in both colors. The pictures show the new smaller connector with the higher resolution screen. The iPad products are on the left and the iPhone 5 products are on the right. You can see the headphone jack. The dock connector is in black and the headphone jacks are in white. The company also says the connector has 8 pins and that the iPhone 5`s headphone jack and doc connector are pretty close together which might be the same for the iPad Mini.

Check out the blog in the source link.

Source link: http://www.latimes.com/business/technology/la-fi-tn-apple-iphone-5-dock-20120818,0,7283617.story

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