White denim jacket could make your outfit look casual in every way!! !

5 years ago

white denim jacket could go either way,I wish i had some of those .I have many outfit`s except that.I could buy it but i don`t have time and i don`t know where to find them.I`ve seen many online and they are very gorgeous.I`ve seen some that cost about 30$ or more.With that money i could buy 5 sandals or gladiators.

I also don`t buy that many white denim jacket or sweaters because it`s way too hot where i live.Many people say this year it`s going to burn us (i don`t mean it that way like burn us like fire).I use to have a pair but they got ruined.I think it was because i put bleach on it and it turned like dark,but it looked really ugly and old.

My sister kept it and she uses it at home.I think she still has it.This spring i`m going to try to wear more summer outfit`s.The last few years like 2010,2009,2008 i dressed horrible.People used to say i dressed old and vintage.Some look good in that kind of style,i don`t mind wearing it again.I really love this look because it looks for summer and spring(of course it does).

This is my kind of style.This outfit would look good for going
on a date or just going to the mall with friends.What she was wearing were some white denim jacket and a BLACK EXPRESS TOP.She didn`t have that many accessories ,she only carried a mini bag and that was all.She looked like if she had a lot of accessories.

She did a great job for not adding a lot of things in her outfit.Ohhh and she was wearing some black booties shoes which were high heels.The only thing i would change would be the black shoes.They look good on her but if i wore it i would look extremely weird.

I would rather wear black high heels .I like the shirt looks leopard .So i was looking for white denim jacket and i found it !!!!! hooray! but the bad thing is that they cost 35$So here`s the link for the white denim jacket

Source link: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/592575-A+day+for+white+denim-white-jacket-black-express-top

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