White Chocolate

5 years ago

Recently i made a chocolate haul that featured this white chocolate ( http://www.luuux.com/food/mini-chocolate-haul ).
When i first got it my intention was to use it for a dessert but it didn`t turn out so well and i wasted almost half of the white chocolate =( Oh well, at least i still have the other half.

This white chocolate is the best. I haven`t had white chocolate in such a long time but i used to really enjoy it, especially Galack because when i was a kid we used to have galack white chocolate that looked like buttons a lot, it was the best.
The thing with white chocolate is that its too sweet and so i can only have it in moderation or i will be sick of it very soon and won`t touch it for a long time. But, besides milk chocolate and chocolate with almonds, this is my favorite and im still glad the chocolate bar was big so i still have this half to finish!
I got this from Lidl by the way.

<strong>Do you like what chocolate? Do you have it a lot?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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