Which theme would you like OPI consider for a future collection???

5 years ago

Hello beauties from luuux!

After getting the Nicki minaj collection and tried it out, I was thinking in the themes that OPI use for its collections. There`s Miss Universe, Shrek, Alice in Wonderland, Katy Perry... but, is there some theme/artist/movie that you wold like OPI do a collection inspired on??

Well, I think that an interesting artists to consider for a new collection would be Lady Gaga (the colors would be allucinating!), Madonna or even Marylin Monroe.

Well and about movies, I would like a collection inspired in some classic movies like `Casablanca` or `What the wind blew in`, and for more recent movies I would like kids/family movies, like `Rio`.

Other misc themes, I don`t know, that`s a kinda hard one... maybe considering some endagered species and do as a charity at the same time. Or maybe the sea, or even candy! that would be cute!

So tell me, Is there a theme/artist/movie that you would like OPI do a collection about?
I am curious to know what do you think and wich are your ideas!

So leave your awesome comments (I`ll return the favor)!!

Thanks for reading!!

***Picture does not belong to me, I got it from http://OPI.com (source link), I modifies myself***

Source link: http://www.opi.com/

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