Which Speedy Should I Get?

5 years ago

*This is a Speedy comparison from the Louis Vuitton Website*

So I have been pretty obsessed with Louis Vuitton lately. I have always been into designer clothing, accessories, etc. so adding a Louis Vuitton is definitely fitting of that. I know I definitely want a Speedy but I`m not toally sure which one I want. I`m the type of person that carries everything including the kitchen sink in their purse so I think the 25 will be too small. So that leaves me with the 30, 35, and 40. I`m 5`4 and 160 pounds (nice hourglass figure). I have been reading forum after forum about which size too get and people were saying the 40 is more of an overnight or carry-on bag. The one thing I keep coming back to though is that each Speedy is only $25 more than the previous size. Another thing is that the more common sizes are the 30 and 35 so while I want to carry a Louis Vuitton, I don`t want it to be like everyone else`s. What are your thoughts on the different Speedy sizes?

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