Which off the shoulder dress should I get?

5 years ago

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Take 2

So, I went to the mall today, and I saw these two dressed for sale! And they`re both purple, 1st one is darker, and such.

I can`t figure out which one I want!

1st dress
The off the shoulder part, is a little bit tight. When I put my hands to my hips, as you can see, it stretches out my dress a bit. It`s nice, but not as figure flattering on me.

2nd dress
I like this one. Only problem is, even though it`s a small, it`s still a little big on me. The strapless area can fall off really easily! I guess even more so, since the tag weighed it down, but still, better safe than sorry right? Also, the strap is `jewel encrusted` it`s basically these cheap looking rhinestones.
I personally like this one, cause it`s more figure flattering. But the issue is the size... I can definitely modify it.

I guess in a way, I`ve sort of already made my decision, but I am the type to research and think it over before I make my purchase.

So I`d like to know what my fellow Luuuxers think! Please let me know which dress I should choose! Thanks!!

Thank you to Brooklyn Mak for letting me know this should be in Fashion.

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