Whey Low-100% Natural Sugar Substitute

4 years ago

This is something that my husband actually found for me. It is a product that has been created for diabetics. I am not diabetic, however there are certain things in a diabetics diet that are better suited to my health needs. One of the things I need to cut out is sugar. Over all, that isn`t very hard until it gets to my tea or coffee. I drink a cup of coffee in the morning and don`t enjoy it black. I need a scoop of sugar. One scoop is fine, but I need that single scoop.

Just that single scoop of sugar was ruining my carb and calorie counts, though. We decided to hunt down Whey Low. It is kind of hard to come by. It isn`t just sold in any old super market. It is mostly sold in natural/health food stores, and even at that... it isn`t in all of them. We had to go on their site and then do a search for stores that would sell it.

It was a bit of a hunt, but we finally tracked down a place that would sell it and bought it. For this little 2 pound pack it was something like $8.99 USD. Yeah, quite a price difference compared to a regular bag of sugar, but in my opinion, worth it for the health value difference. And since I only use a scoop a day it will last me quite a bit of time...so I suppose it isn`t too horrible.

I know there are other sugar substitutes on the market but they all have a nasty diet after taste that I just can`t deal with. I have tried so many of the ones people suggest and claim won`t leave a gross flavor behind. They all do. This was the first that didn`t. It really does taste like sugar. I wouldn`t have known the difference. There is no strange taste left behind.

This stuff is 100% natural, tastes like sugar, has less calories and carbs, good for diabetics, and measures out exactly the same as sugar (1 for 1). All around it is the better option for me over sugar.

OH, and they even have a powdered sugar and brown sugar option!


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