Where`s My Shop Order Already?!

4 years ago

I cannot stress enough that you need to <STRONG>always have proper sources</STRONG> for your images or text that you quote. This is the #1 problem that would delay your shop order. The #2 problem being Fraud Check.

When your account is reviewed, Moderators look to see if you have proper source links. If you do not, the Moderator reviewing your account will message you to fix those sources before your order can proceed.

How big of a problem is this? There are <STRONG>approximately 75 shop orders in Limbo</STRONG> as I would like to call it. As the moderator is awaiting for the members to fix the sources and get back to them.

If you put in a shop order and have not heard anything in awhile. <STRONG>(The oldest pending one is March 2011!)</STRONG> Then check your Luuux message box. At times, when your Luuux message box is not accepting messages, Luuux will e-mail you directly to fix your sources. If you think you fall under this category and think you have not rec`d the message or perhaps your e-mail thought it was junk mail, e-mail Luuux at support@luuux.com. Especially if it`s been over 2 months since you placed your order. For shop order inquiries ALWAYS include your shop order #.

The best way to avoid this situation is to have PROPER sources. Not sure if what you are doing is correct? Contact one of the many moderators including myself, Amy, Sarah, Daniela, Liliana and Jem. Our profiles are usually listed as a top contributor in COMMUNITY universe.

Talk the TALK
1) If you were faced with the situation of fixing 100s of posts source links would you do so or just delete the posts and start from scratch (you`ll lose the points associated with those posts)?
2) If there were one item you can have in the Luuux shop right now, what would it be?

Source of image is below!

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Source link: http://idressmypets.com/2012/02/10/via-ohsopictures-picture-on-visualizeus/

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