Where you gain weight first may explain your health

5 years ago

So turns out your trouble spots can shed some light on how healthy you actually are. Certain health conditions can lead to weight gain in certain areas. So check where you gain weight first.

More junk in the trunk: can actually protect you from diabetes and heart disease, because the harmful fatty acids are deposited in your tush and not in your organs.
Belly fat: Researchers showed that these types of people are more likely to experience restless legs syndrome, which can affect your sleep
Chunky hips: Researchers found a link between a mental fog aka forgetfulness for women during menopause
Big thighs: You`re in luck! The thinner your thighs are the higher risk you are for heart disease and premature death. Another study proved that bigger thighs led to a better metabolic function and lower risk of diabetes.
Large bust: The larger the size of a woman`s chest the greater the risk for type 2 diabetes. So it`s not bad to be a little less endowed.

So obviously taking good care of yourself is very important, and research like this definately helps point out where you should take more care of yourself.

Source link: http://www.glamour.com/health-fitness/blogs/vitamin-g/2012/03/where-do-you-tend-to-gain-weig.html?intcid=edittrail

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