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5 years ago

For 25 days at the end of December and into January, I visited family in South Asia. I hadn`t been back in 15 years, and I don`t know when I`ll go again, but it was an amazing experience and I`m so glad that I went! I experienced so many things that you can never do here in the Western regions of the world. I think we all get so caught up in our lives and what am I doing tomorrow, next week, next month, that we don`t even realize there`s a whole world out there with amazing food and cultures and people that we`ll never get to see unless we push ourselves out of our boxes.

It`s not a resort, and it`s many years behind in technology and resources. It`s also not safe, which is one of the strangest things to deal with when you live, especially, in Canada. Us Canadians are very fortunate in that we don`t have civil wars, political unrest (and whatever we have is far from what people in South Asia face), and we don`t have countries across the globe coming into our nation or threatening us.

I definitely feel like a different person after having come back. There`s a lot I can`t share with you guys because it`s just something you have to experience, but I CAN share the food, the visuals, and the stories.

Main point about the food, it actually tastes like food, lol. Oh, and it looks like food. Lots of dirt in the air though, flies everywhere (which I never got used to). I`ll share more with you guys as I get time. For now, I thought I`d show you real carrots and the best oranges I`ve ever had:).

Hope you enjoyed! I have lots of hauls coming up (that part about me hasn`t changed lol) and lots of ideas for collection/favourites posts, and some skincare products I`m really excited about!

Happy Luuxing!

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