Where did the Tutu come from?

Most people picture a ballerina as slim, elegant, and wearing a tutu. Every little girl imagines herself in a tutu to play the pretty ballerina, and our favourite famous stage performances include beautiful dancers in the most exquisite http://www.movedancewear.com/ and tutu outfits. But where did it originate from? In the 15th Century in Royal Courts under Louis XIV dancers wore long heavy skirts, often made of velvet, which restricted their movements, and hid the fancy footwork they were performing. Marie de Carmago was known in the 18th Century to start the evolution of the skirt, by shortening it above her ankles to allow more freedom for her feet. The first tutu was known to be worn by Marie Taglioni at the Paris Opera in 1832 for La Sylphide, which was shorter than previous ballet skirts, falling between the knee and ankle so the audience could see the intricate footwork of the dancer. Known as the Romantic tutu, it consisted of 3-5 layers of soft tulle material, and got its name from the Romantic period in which it made its debut. In the 1880s Virginia Zucci wore the first known tutu above her knee in Italy. It still maintained its bell shape, but allowed an incredible amount of freedom for her feet and legs, and enable to audience to see the intricate work which was being performed. This is known as the Classical tutu. It can be seen in Degas artwork. The 19th Century further saw Italian and Russian ballerinas in shorter skirts which stood away from the body. The pancake tutu soon developed, which sits horizontal from the hips, and has a wire in the layers of stiff material to help maintain its pancake shape. George Balanchine further developed the powder puff tutu, which features no hooping, less tulle material, and has a much softer shape. All styles of tutu are available at just the skirt, or with a bodice attached, often in a leotard style, or as a more structured corset. Tutus have also now become a staple item for female ballerinas, a popular item of fashion wear in everyday to couture dresses, and a must have for little girls dressing up costumes! fashion

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