When you just can`t fall asleep what to do

5 years ago

Hello Luuuxers,
Well I think this has happened to a couple of us if not maybe all of us at one point in time. It is night time, time to go to bed but your just not sleepy at all. When this happened to me when I was young my mother would always give me a cold glass of milk she would say "this will help you fall asleep."
Now that I am older I have tried different things to try to make myself fall asleep. I try taking all my worries and try not to think of all the work that I have to do the next day because if I don`t I will be up all night. I also try to feel really tired by the time I go to bed that way I know I will fall asleep faster.
I also try not to go on a super empty nor super heavy stomach to bed otherwise I know I feel really uncomfortable and just blah when I try sleeping in these conditions.
I came across a website that mentioned that experiencing regularly is a great idea never thought of that before. This makes sense if you exercise you will maybe be a bit more tired at night which will be great when it comes time for bed. I have been searching a lot on ways to fall asleep as I have been having trouble and need to wake up early to go to school. Thats the hard part waking up early when you fall asleep really late?
What do you guys do in order to fall asleep?

Source link: http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/the-insomniacs-guide-of-things-to-do-when-failing-to-sleep.html

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