When Should Beauty Products be Thrown Away?

Think of your make up and beauty products as food for the skin. True, your cleansing milk has a longer shelf life than a pint of milk, but it still does have an optimum time for use. If opened and left uncared for a couple of months, your mascara will start to clump, your foundation and creams will separate, and other bits will simply degrade so they dont do the job they were meant for. Heres a quick guide to when your beauty products should be thrown away and replaced. Mascara The rule to throwing away an open tube of mascara is not to wait until it clumps up or dries out. Once mascara is opened, it should be used for no longer than three months before you get rid of it and replace it with a new one. The risk with using mascara past the three month mark is that bacteria can develop in the tube which in turn will cause irritation to the eye and can sometime cause infection. Foundation and Powder The shelf life for face make up like foundation, concealer, and translucent power can vary quite widely depending on the type. A power should be fine for up to two years. An average cream foundation of concealer should be fine for around 18 months, and an oil-free foundation is good for around 1 year. Be aware that natural cosmetic do not contain chemicals to prolong their life and may only be good for 6 months or so. If theres an odd smell, a big change in consistency, or it start to clumps or separate throw it out. SPF Cream Although many sunscreen bottles claim a shelf life of between 2 and 3 years, general consensus is that you should replace your sun cream at the start of every summer, of before a holiday, using it for a year at most. Things like sunscreen do degrade over time and its just not worth taking the risk that youll get burnt out in the sun. During summertime youll get the best out of your sun creams if theyre stored in the fridge, or at least out of direct sunlight. This goes for other cram based cosmetics too stick them in the fridge. Perfume and Scents Perfume is one of the best cosmetic investments you can make it has the longest shelf life. A perfume is at its best for around three years from when the bottle is opened but should be fine for up to five years. Always keep a lid on perfume bottle and store them out of direct sunlight. A perfume will keep its scent a lot longer than an eau de toilette, simple because it contains a higher concentration of perfume scent. If you love perfume and fancy something new you might like http://www.feelunique.com/fragrances/ladies-perfumes and their great selection of fragrances! http://www.flickr.com/photos/87656741@N07/8219628513/ perfume

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