When is Free Better- When Not

So whats better free?

Booze. Ever see a sad face at a party with an Open Bar? I sure havent, and if theyre serving top shelf, well then youve really got happy campers.

Ice Cream/Gelato. Who doesnt love sampling all the flavors? Thats why they make so many of those tiny plastic spoons.

Actually Free Food should have been right up there with the Free Booze. In my mid-thirties I was quite involved in politics, and volunteered at many events. People hit the buffets hard. Can I tell you how many high-end ladies I saw tucking appetizers and sandwiches into designer bags.

Oh and I have to give my all-time favorite anti-virus a mention AVG.

I probably paid for at least half a dozen different anti-virus software programs during my early days online. All were annoying, and slowed down my machines. An IT guy recommended I use the free version of AVG, and its been on every puter and laptop since. And I just downloaded a free mobile version onto this phone last week.

Things better paid for?

Transportation. In general its never a free ride.

Accomodations when traveling. Unless your friends have a country estate stay in a hotel or BB.

Mobile phones. The free phone is no longer free, invest in a good handset and shop the amazing deals on unlimited pre-paid.

XOXOXO Tell me what you think! :)

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