When I`m Unhealthy...

4 years ago

I can`t resist chocolate. Ever. I went to the gas station earlier and I hadn`t had hersheys in a while so I picked up a bar and then I saw the sour patch and I had to give in, I was already going to eat chocolate haha why not candy too. Watermelon Sour patch is my FAVORITE favorite favorite. It`s too yummyyy. I used to be in love with the regular kind but ever since i tried the watermelone, I can`t go back. They`re so good. Which do you prefer?? And ! I decided to try this lemonade Calypso that I`ve been seeing pictures of all over tumblr and stufff . Peach sounded good, so I got that and its amazingggg. Have you tried it? Which ones your favorite so I know which one to get next time !! Lots of calories and sugar but it`s not bad every now and then. This is basically what I`ll ever get when I crave sweets these days, not as bad as what I used to get. I used to buy like three bags of candy and eat it all by myself. Bahah.

*image is my ownn !

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