When a Stranger Calls

4 years ago

It`s hard to believe that Camilla Belle gasps in every possible scene of the movie. Don`t get me wrong but it`s hard to contol a gasp when your acting, truly unnerving. However, it didn`t seem bothersome at the time it just settles in your mind the more you watch it. Basically to sum it up, a babysitter (Belle) confronts a stranger that`s been lurking from calls to actually straight up stalk status. It wasn`t till later the suspense kicks in but the calls are the essence of the film. There will be some abrupt moments that will make you scream in terror or talk mainly at the screen which then makes you look foolish. But don`t fret you aren`t the only one, the tone of the movie is partly dark and really hard to be optimistic when you know you can only run and can`t do much of hiding because the stranger gots that house in check. So maybe then babysitting isn`t so much fun after all. I am rating it a 4 if only she had a weapon to do some kick ass scenes would`ve been great. Thanks for reading. Comment and/or like for more things entertaining.

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