What`s Your Number Review

4 years ago

So recently I watched the movie, What`s Your Number, for the third time because I had nothing else to do. Three times may seem like a bit much but I hadn`t finished the movie the first 2 times. It would be 10 minutes into the movie and I would just give up with the movie. However this time I actually tried to like the movie because I like Chris Evans and Anna Faris. Well I finished it and it wasn`t anything special. It was pretty predictable but I kind of assumed it would be. The only redeemable factor was maybe Chris Evans` acting and his body. Anna Faris disappointed me so much because normally she`s a good actress, I mean I liked her in The House Bunny, but in this movie her acting was wooden and I couldn`t bear it. Plus her face in this movie was kind of weird looking maybe it`s due to the plastic surgery. It was a comedy too but it didn`t really make me laugh. Overall, it was an okay movie if you have nothing to do but it`s not like it`s something you haven`t watched before.

Have you ever heard of or seen this movie?

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