What`s Your Hood Look Like? - Range Hood That Is

4 years ago

Our house has a boring stainless steel range hood we changed out from when we got our house and the man`s range vent is attached to his microwave which is above his stove it is hard to explain, but nothing extraordinary. If you have the money Bastille Metal Work`s ventilation sleeves are custom fitted to your cooking vent and come in a variety of designs, like the front end of a hot rod or a Campbell`s soup can. I`d like an extravagent looking range hood no lie I wouldn`t mind having one that was painted gold and covered in swarovski crystals lol. My kitchen would look like it was ballin all out of control if I had the money because I enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Not because I like to cook but because I like to eat :).

What does the range hood in your kitchen look like?
Do you care what your range hood looks like?
Do you like to cook or like to eat more?

Pictures from link below and http://www.incrediblethings.com/art-design/kooky-creative-custom-range-hoods/

Source link: http://www.getkempt.com/art-threat/your-andy-warhol-range-hood-is-making-you-look-silly.php

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