What`s your favorite show?

4 years ago

I love TV. I mean, I really love TV. Ever since I was a kid I`d watch so much television and try to act out scenes from movies, I was quite an entertainer in my family haha. I remember when I was about three years old I`d wake up my dad at 5 AM and make him watch Teletubbies and Barney with me, those were my shows. Then when I was 5 or 6 I loved Lizzie McGuire, That`s So Raven, Even Stevens, Kim Possibles, etc. I was definitely a Disney girl. When I was around twelve I loved Zoey 101, Hannah Montana, etc. Now that I`m a bit older my favorite shows are: Gossip Girl (I`ve seen every episode except for the current season, I really need to catch up!), Mad Men, Keeping up with the Kardashians (such a guilty pleasure), 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and most recently Dawson`s Creek. Every once in a while, usually in the summer time, (don`t know what it is) I`ll get obsessed with something. Whether it be a movie, a person, or even a TV show series. This summer I`m obsessing over Dawson`s Creek. I`m on Season 2 and a lot has happened. I love this show and if you have netflix I`d highly recommend you watch it if you`re into teen soap opera`s (that`s a joke...) but it is very teen appropriate. Still, love it.

What`s your favorite show? Let me know in a comment below! xo

// Screenshot taken by myself, courtesy of Netflix + Dawson`s Creek//

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