What`s your favorite Kdrama?

4 years ago

Okay, out of all the different types of drama tv series out there, Korean dramas stand out (especially among American ones, which are pretty much all about solving crimes, or about doctors in a hospital). I`ve seriously started loving watching them! :) Even though they can sometimes be cheesy, that`s kind of what I love about them. Good ones really make you attached to the good characters and angry at the mean ones! (I guess that could`ve gone with out saying though, haha). Even http://hulu.com now has a whole section for Korean dramas (which made me really excited, because they all have English subtitles). So, all this kdrama talk brings me to a question....what`s your favorite kdrama (& why if you want to elaborate ^.^). Mine is a tie between Boys Before Flowers & Personal Taste. I also like Dream High & A Gentleman`s Dignity (so far I`m only on ep 2 though). I tried watching City Hunter, but it just didn`t click for me. What kdramas do you guys suggest watching? :)

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