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4 years ago

So in continuation of discussing my room... What`s on my chimney... Well first of all yes, it`s a flat on the second floor, and yes there is a chimney. Sadly it is not allowed for use, but I think it`s an amzing thing to have because can you seriously imagine how you can decorate it for Christmas or Halloween and also I have LOTS of this stuff that I have no space for in my drawers, so this is a total life saver! Anyway, I`ll go from left to right discussing all the tiny things that I`ve got on there. Hopefully by the end of this post you`ll see the amazingness behind having a chimney ;)
So the first thing on the left is a jar from some...idk... Chinese crackers or something... Came in handy, cause last year I went on a trip to Osmington bay in England and we went looking for fossils near the beach. And OMG we found whole quartz that is quite old and if polished can be used, and lots of really pretty old shells. It was an amazing experience, basically I just stuffed them all in there with some other shells from vacations... Behind the jar there`s this awesome post card thingie that I got in some shop and it has ice cream and waffles on it... Yum! Then go my two DKNY perfumes!!! So the red one, I got it for Christmas, I wanted a DKNY Candy Apple cause they look cool with those candy sticks out of them, but turns out those are only sold in Russia and in New York, so instead I got this. It honestly isn`t my favourite, but I have no idea where my green apple went, so I just put it there hoping some day I might use it or gift it ;) Then there is my MOST FAVOURITE EVER, the delicious pink apple. OMG I am in love with that perfume!!! I got it from my mom two years ago and I love it so much, I use it really carefully, so here it is, still half full :) Then goes my jewelry box with a black hat that I wore for Halloween, it`s got a net that goes over one eye. More of a facinator... So talking about my jewelry box... Stick around for daily or weekly... I haven`t really decided... Jewelry posts... I`ll take a picture of one or more perices of jewelry and talk about it, brand, different ways you can use it if there are numerous... And stuff like that. Trust me I`ve got LOTS of jewelry... So that will last. :) Next you`ve got... Well DUH it`s an Angry Bird!!! I love it! It makes three diferent noises and yeah... It`s pretty damn amazing :P Behind it is a postcard that I brought from Bali. Then a candle that is about two years old, I just didn`t want to light it cause it looks nice like this and there wasn`t really an ocasion to do it for... :) Then you`ve got a flip flop boxy thingie that was brough for me from Cyprus :) Then a pine cone... An Angry Bird piggie which is pretty awesome as well. Then behind those three a certificate from my music school... Behind the piggie on the right is a paperweight that I made myself, then perfume from my friend, the brand of which I absoluteley don`t know and on top of it, random fluffy thingies that look like fluffy cherries XD Yes, that is a stick of cotton right there! And then a jar that I decorated with lots of stuff including a small perfume holder, change, batteries and other stuff with bracelets on top :P
Pretty much it, but I really hope you see the awesomeness of having a chimney and being able to stuff LOTS of stuff onto it XD

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