What`s in your mouthwhat are you eating?

3 years ago

Have you ever thought that you were eating something strange? Probably not! But we are being lied to because we eat disgusting bad things everyday without knowing it. Things that you probably wouldn`t willingly put in your mouth on a normal day; or any day for that matter. Here`s a list of some disgusting things in our everyday meals.
The stuff in it called collagen comes from animal skins and gives Jello that delicious texture, it`s also a thickening agent (btw); think about a vegetarian eating Gelatin secretly eating something they thought they didn`t eat.

2.Mechanically Separated meat
It`s the meat that`s left clinging to the bones of an animal. It`s like a paste and it usually contains bones, cartilage, etc. One thing this is found in is hot dogs.

If you can bare more I will continue.

3. Shellac
Sadly our sweet happiness has shellac which gives it a nice shiny coating. This comes from the secretions of a female bug from Thailand called Kerria Lacca. Other names for it may be confectioners glaze; don`t be fooled it doesn`t come from confectioner`s sugar.

This is a chemical cleaning agent but it`s also used for food. They put this on ground beef to kill germs in low grade beef.

5. Castoreum
Castorum is tooken from the castor sac scent glands from a beavers` anus. They use it in most raspberry candies to "enhance the flavor" what flavor, anus flavor?

6. Carmine
This is a coloring agent. It is usually for red but these colors can vary from red to orange to purple to blue. They use a bug called cochineal bugs which come from cactus. They can be boiled or however else cooked to get the color. Process depends on the color, they cook it and grind the bugs up once dried, mix it into a liquid and it is a coloring agent. Dannon is known to use this and so are most red things we consume. This is known to cause cancer and anaphylactic shock.

7.Rodent hairs
This can be in your cinnamon, chocolate, as well as peanut butter and this is actually legal even in a corporate business.

Well that`s what probably has been in your mouth please comment this was all by me thanks for reading and read your labels.

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