What`s In My Shower? Lily of the Valley Soap!

3 years ago

Those of you who have been with me here on Luuux for the past couple years know I have been adamantly purging my bathroom of my huge stockpile of bath and body products. I also just recently moved 1100 miles and was happy to see that my massive collection had been insanely reduced. So much so, in fact, that I have finished up almost all of my shower gels from Bath and Body Works (I have just one more, I think, and I was actually given it about two weeks ago haha) and have moved on to using up my small stash of bar soaps. I love seeing my pile get smaller and smaller - it feels good to use things up!

I`m currently using this lily of the valley scented soap. I love it! It smells really nice and makes my skin feel good :) Not a lot of bar soaps do that for me, but this one does! The only thing I don`t like about it is the size - it`s huge! It`s like a giant brick. Trying to hold a giant brick of soap and wash yourself with it is difficult haha. It`s getting down to a more normal size now, though, which is good.

I have a couple more bar soaps to use up and then I`ll be done! Yayy!! I might actually dive into my travel-size item stash to get that collection down, too. There`s just too much lying around!

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