Whats in My Purse Part 3: Wallet

4 years ago

The final thing I am going to show from my purse is my wallet... because, lets be honest... you probably dont want to see my car keys or bag of chips and pack of gum! If you do, I`ll happily post them- but for now I`ll stop at my wallet!

This is not actually the wallet I use on a regular basis... there is a story behind this wallet! A few years ago on the 4th of July I was robbed. I was sitting down minding my business and some guy ran by and grabbed my purse from my lap. Of course at that moment I was devistated, but years later my family finds humor in it- thats just the kind of family I have...yes I know, jerks! So When we went back to the same place this year to watch the fireworks my mom gave me this. It is a clutch wallett. It basically has everything that a wallet has- a place for money, change and credit cards- but it also has a strap to tighten around my wrist. My mom thought she was being funny... but I`m the one who ended up with a coach wallet... you see my point? :)

Anyways, I love my new wallet and I just started using it on an every day basis to give my other one (also coach) a break. That way it wont wear out as fast!

*pictures ARE mine- please DO NOT use!*

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