What`s in my Lipstick Bag: Part 3

4 years ago

One thing I dont use a lot of is lip pencils. I have never really been too fond of the look of a lip pencil with lipstick. But I do understand what lip pencils do to help (it prevents the lipstick from running and when done the right way can help it stay on longer throughout the day). I tried to find the perfect color a few years ago but always ended up with something too dark or way off. I got this lip pencil from MAC in a holiday set and fell in love! This is just the perfect color for me. It is very light and barely shows up on my lips so when I put my lipstick on there is not a lip pencil line showing through.

The color is Devrish but keep in mind that lip pencils will look different on everyone (as with any other lip color). Since my lips are so naturally pink, this worked perfectly. If you dont like the look of a lip pencil I would encourage you to experiment with different colors and find one that is as close to your natural lip color as possible. That way you can get the benefits without actually seeing the pencil! This color is kind of old from MAC, I have actually used it longer than I probably should. So I dont know if they still carry it, but if they do, I think I am going to get another one! I really liked this color!

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