What`s in my Everyday Purse!

4 years ago

Hey everyone! I have finally decided to post this! The pictures have been sitting in one of my folders for the longest time and I finally got around to editing them today when I got super bored. I tried to collapse all the products into 3 pictures because I didn`t want 12 separate pictures for each item in my purse, haha. It was actually quite fun putting all of these pictures toghether! The purse that I show in this post is a bag I got from Coach last year and its actually really small because although I like big bags, I can`t stand how unorganized they can get inside so I prefer carrying around a small bag so that I only have space for the essentials that I need and so that it won`t get super messy and all that!

<strong>What`s in my Purse:</strong>
Hello Kitty Wallet
EOS in Summer Fruit (I don`t like it but I find that its okay to use under other lippies so I keep this in my bag)
Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Hand Gel in Island Nectar
Wet n` Wild CoverAll Coverstick (for touch-ups throughout the day)
Blink Contacts Eyedrops (I have daytime contacts that get dry really easily so these are a MUST for me!)
ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry (great everyday color)
Lipalicious Lipgloss in Sheer
Pocket Comb
Loose Change
Ladybug Mirror (this is for when I`m touching up my makeup!)
Little Coach Photo Holder (I like to carry around a little something that`s meaningful to me!)

So I basically just carry around a bunch of essentials that aren`t especially precious or anything just in case I lose it. I don`t like carrying around high-end makeup in my purse because I`m prone to losing things!

<strong>Also, I`m super dumb and forgot to take pictures of my phone and iPod when I took the pictures because I don`t keep them in my bag so excuse the absense of those things!</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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