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5 years ago

Hi guys, I thought that I`d do a whats in my bag for you today...
This is the bag i carry an di love it, it`s a dark (nearly black) brown bag, with silvers hard wear. It`s roomy, strong and goes with me every where!

Here`s a break down of what I carry around with me on a daily basis!
- My Kindle, I love this and take it pretty much where ever I go. I`m a big reader and it`s so much more convient to carry this than a book. I am currently reading `The Help` which I highly recommend.
- A pair of socks... I dance everyday so socks are important ot me! After a lesson I often change my pair or if i`m wearing a pair of sandals I need a pair for a lesson. It`s a weird thing to carry but nessary for me.
- Sunglasses... I change my sunglasses with my outfit but if I`ve forgotten them I wil throw these on. They were cheap so I`m no tto bothered if they get scratched and go with mostly everything!
- My iPods, don`t ask me why I have 2 but I do. An iPod classic 120GB and a iTouch 16GB.
- My powder, and a brush! I belive this is the Clinique Blended powder and it`s transultent.
- Blink n` Go eyeshadow palette, I carry this purley because of the high qulaity mirror that it contains.
- Lipgloss, the higher one being Jemma Kidd in Petal and the other being some cheap one that has some how found it`s way into my bag!
- Concelar, this is the IT Stick by benefit which is now discontinued *sob*
- Murad mattfier with SPF 15, I love this stuff and wear it under my make up, I also carry this travel size one around for topups throughout the day.
- Hand Sanatiser
- Water Bottle
- Tissues
- My purse

There are other things that go in and out of my bag but are not there permantley like my pointe shoes, a hair bush and other things. Also bobby pins, hair bands, odd change and scraps of paper make home at the bottom. Oh and you will always find my phone in there!

What do you carry in you bag everyday? And how often do you change up the bag that you carry? xxxx

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