What`s In My Bag?

A bag is a girls best friend and that is just understand universally, nevertheless every girl is a little different when it comes to her and her bag. While some keep it pretty minimal and others you`d believe to be a Mary Poppins on the side, I`m considered somewhere in between. A bag is something that`s always by my side, but what`s in my bag?

Bag- First off my bag is from Forever21 I don`t think it`s currently in stock on the website because I purchased it back in December, still I love how stiffly constructed this bag is, with all the things it`s filled up with it doesn`t lose its shape!

Small Pouch- I love keeping a small pouch in my bag because it`s great for keeping all my makeup products I take with me, together, otherwise they would scattered throughout my whole bag and that`s just not practical.

Makeup Products- The products I put in my bag each day varies but the same few remain the same. I always carry the lip color I`m wearing that day for reapplying purposes, when I`m gone for most of the day I will pack the blush I wore and my contour color to touch up as well. Falsie glue is also necessary if you are wearing a pair of falsies, the last thing you want is your makeup literally falling off!

Perfume Rollerball- Perfume is something I always have in my bag but more importantly a rollerball perfume which can be much more graceful and less disruptive to apply! My current fave is Victorias secret Bombshell Eau De Perfum

Journals (and my pink pen of course)- I always keep my two journals around in case I need to sketch down have a blog post or an idea or even a reminder,whether you are a writer or not a little notepad or journal is great to have on the go in case something brilliant hits you. They take up a lot of space but definitely worth it!

My Charger- I am addicted to my phone so I clearly can`t have it dying while I`m on the go, so my charger is ALWAYS in my bag so it`s in my convenience when my phone is running low, however I kind of want to downsize with those portable chargers.Anyone know of a good brand?

My Wallet- This is an essential to all essentials because I feel naked without my wallet and I think it`s pretty explanatory as to why!

Travel Size AG Hair Cosmetic Argan Shine and Flat Iron Spray- Now the name is a mouthful but this product is a frizzy hair life saver, not only is the smell divine but with the humidity it keeps hair looking shiny and healthy all day long. I pull this bad boy out whenever my hair needs some shine and the travel size makes it extremely sensible.

Headphones- These are crucial, enough said.

Nail Polish- Last but not least I love carrying a nail polish in my bag in case I get stuck somewhere I have time to pay some nail painting attention to my toes, trust me its a good way to make time go by fast! This is in my bag, what`s in yours?


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