What`s Appropriate For School?

What is your definition of "appropriate for school"? For me, it`s very natural, age-appropriate makeup. I think all you need is foundation and powder, eyeliner, mascara, and some neutral eyeshadow if you feel like it. If it weren`t for my uneven eyes (I`m not exactly monolid, but I don`t have a double lid), I wouldn`t use eyeliner, since I know some people think eyeliner is still a little too much for school.

I think blush, lipstick, and lipgloss are uneeded for school (and I know a lot of you will disagree with me on the lipgloss part). Don`t get me wrong, I love lipgloss, but I`ve just gotten in trouble too many times in class for reapplying it during a lecture. This is why I just stick to chapstick to moisturize my lips all day. When you`re young, your skin (if you`ve been taking care of it proporly) naturally has a nice flush of color to it, which is why I don`t reccomend using blush. And lipstick, for me, is just very unnecessary for school.

I know that too much eyeshadows and bright colors are very frowned upon in a school setting. However, if I want to brighten up my look, but don`t go too over-dramatic, I like to line my eyes with a nice teal color. Or, I like to add a touch of color to my eyeshadow, but when I do that, I go easy on the other parts of my makeup. It usually all depends on how I`m feeling that day.

So do you guys agree with this? I think it`s alright to have a little fun with your makeup to wear to school, (i.e. fun bright colors, eyeshadows) as long as you don`t go crazy with it. What are some of your opinions?

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