What You Need To Look Flawless On Camera

Currently looking through my camera roll of my OOTD`s for a blog post, replying to emails but more importantly, trying to figure out my look for tomorrow`s photo shoot. Thankfully I`ve gone through a lifetime of trial and error when it comes to products that work well on camera...and one`s that don`t. Looking your best during a photo shoot can be crucial, there`s do`s and don`t for makeup for photography. Here`s some knowledge from me to you on my recommendations for a photo proof makeup look!

Primer- Primer is crucial for a photo proof makeup look but especially THE perfect kind of primer. When picking a primer for being on camera I tend to reach for matte primers because you definitely don`t want to be too dewy during a photo shoot because the camera will magnify that and make you look oily.Another idea when looking for a primer for a photo shoot , is sticking with one that is specifically used for being on camera. For example my favorite primer for photo shoots is the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer, this is a splurge but a little goes a long way and it makes my skin last and look flawless on camera. Even on a day/night I might be photographed with friends for insta or other social media I still find this to be my go to primer!

Foundation- After a great primer you`ll want to add foundation to create an even canvas for you to begin with. You definitely want to make sure you pick a color very close to your skin color for the photos a color that is toned to your skin color, whether you find your skin color to be warm or cool toned. And please ladies make sure to blend, blend, blend! If you know you`ll be tan for the pictures pick a foundation that will match your skin color because it will be very obvious and difficult to fix an obvious color difference on your neck and slightly embarrassing. You`ll want to use a medium to full coverage foundation this will have your skin looking it`s best for photography and Lastly do not pick a foundation with SPF in it. If that scares you then just have it on for the shoot but trust me there is something about SPF in foundation, that causes it to cast white on your skin and seriously wash you out. My favorite foundation for photo shoots is Sephora 10 hr Wear Perfection Foundation in mat tan 45.
Concealer- With choosing the right concealer full coverage is a good option if you`re wanting to cover dark circles, redness or to cover anything you want to be covered for the picture.This might seem a little cakey to you but, believe it or not, the camera seriously washes you out so it might feel like heavy makeup ,but it won`t look like it! From a day to day basis I will grab a concealer two shades lighter than my actual skin color however highlighting and contouring becomes extremely profound over camera so I would recommend picking a concealer closer to your skin color and to not go too heavy with it also! I`m assuming you don`t want light triangles under your eyes in attempt to ,highlight so blend it out really good. I have three favorite concealers for being on camera are Fit me concealer in Deep 35, NYX HD concealer in 05 and Icing Tatoo concealer (one shade)

Contour- Ladies do not do a heavy contour on camera! Trust me I love myself a dramatic contour, but the camera really amplifies that, so don`t draw the contour out too far and go light. Also, make sure the contour color isn`t too dark for your skin color. I am currently looking for a favorite on camera contour color so if you have any recommendations comment below!

White eyeliner- Want your eyes looking big, bright and awake? grab white eyeliner and line your waterline with it, this will give the appearance of larger eyes and for portraits its really flattering accentuating your eye shape to be larger and longer.

Highlight- When highlighting I don`t just like to stop with concealer. I will typically add a slight shimmer to the bridge of my nose, my chin and above my lip. I love to highlight however shimmer is bad for photography do I`d also avoid shimmering eye shadows and keep the face slight luminous with some touches of highlight but don`t go overboard because this will be super noticeable on camera. My favorite highlight for photography is the MAC mineralize skin finish in Gold Deposit. Also check out my blog to read more http://beautable.weebly.com/

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