What would you buy for your boyfriendhusband as an anniversary gift?

5 years ago

So I just realised that today (April 10, 2012) marks the day where my boyfriend and I met again exactly two years ago. He had been my high school crush for YEARS and he says he liked me back then too, but nothing had ever moved further than just being friends.

At the end of 2007 I had decided to move to Sydney by myself in order to obtain a university degree. By then we had lost contact with each other as he was in a relationship with someone else and I left my boyfriend at the time to make this move.

Little did I know that one night, years later, I would get the surprise message that he was flying to Sydney to visit. And on this very day in 2010 he arrived. I was in another long-term relationship at the time, but I was still so nervous and excited to see him again (as a friend).

The most memorable line from that day he said which he blurted out was: "you have really nice eyes", and because saying that had made the atmosphere awkward he followed it up with the question, "are you wearing contacts?". It`s a bit of an inside joke for us now.

Now to cut a long story short, basically we soon figured out there was chemistry between us as we were talking and arranging to see each other every day for the length of his stay. My boyfriend at the time and I split the day before he flew out, and not long after we decided to jump into a long-distance relationship.

Our two year anniversary is coming up in about a month`s time and I`m still looking around for ideas of what to get my boyfriend. As it`s a long-distance relationship it`s been tricky trying to find things that will be safe to send via international post. He`s into his photography and I`ve bought him a digital photo frame before. I was just thinking of going around to all our favourite spots in Sydney and taking pictures to send to him so he can have new pictures for this photo frame, but I feel as though I need something else. I`ve been thinking of buying him a Tokina wide camera lens as he did mention he wanted it.

I love him to bits and he`s really treated me like a princess during the length of our relationship and I want to do something in order to spoil him. Neither of us are able to fly out to see each other this year, but I wanted to do or buy something to show that I`m still thinking of him <3

That`s my basic story behind this post; now I have two questions for you (both out of curiosity/interest):
1. What have you bought/done for your significant other for an anniversary and what was the story behind it?
2. What`s the corniest pick up line anyone has ever tried on you?

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