What Truly Defines a Woman- A Well Draped Sari

5 years ago

A splendiferous sari is every woman and girls dream. Even men dream about that, I mean, a woman in a well draped sari. A badly draped sari is a major put off, so dont even think about it. You can try it out; you might end up not getting a date or might turn off your man to the hilt.

Enough of the scaring session, I will tell some dirty little secrets to wear that elegant piece of attire called the designer sarees. Well, to begin there are no as such secrets about how to nicely drape a sari, but you just need to stick to the basics and not mess around with this garb.

Though a sari is supremely humble and ethnic, if draped perfectly, it has the ability to raise your oomph factor in the oomph-o-meter. A designer would always advice to drape the sarees, the way it is supposed to be. Not only you will look graceful and beautiful, your whole look would be neat and not clumsy.

Though I am not a sari-drape master or expert but I have been wearing this for a long time now. Ok, now it is time to share the tips with you. First thing first, choose and wear a blouse that fits you. Also, wear an in-skirt which is like waist-to-length and secure it tightly with a drawstring around the waist.

After you have tightly secured the in-skirt, take the sari and tuck the end of it in the in-skirt. The sari must touch the floor and give a skirt like feel. Next step is to make the pleats from the tucked-in side of the sari; it should almost 5 inches down. Go for 8-10 pleats and then hold the pleats together like a bunch. Also the pleats must be evenly distributed.

Now, take the collected pleats and carefully tuck it a little left of the belly button, make sure that they are facing the left side and not some other random side. Indian women generally drape sarees like this and it is indeed a practical way. Remember I told you about the basics, stick to it. You can see the pictures of models wearing this garb online if you wish to practice. Shopping for sari is a pain so you check out what color suits your complexion before purchasing.

Continuing with the tips, after completing the tucking the pleat formation, take the plain part and tuck that in but only after making one full complete turn from right to left. Remember from right to left and not the other way around as you might end up becoming a mummy (Egypt-style). Now, the end part must be taken put over the shoulder (the palla thing). Safety pin comes handy in securing the palla and you can also put fancy safety pins.

Congrats, you have successfully draped the sari. If you wish to buy, just click Indian sarees online shopping option and there you go.

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