What TO Wear For An Engagement PhotoShoot

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It seems like we always obsess over what we wear. But how can`t we we`re chicks right! Literally every morning we rummage threw our closet, and throw mounds of stuff on our bed to find that perfect outfit....It seems like its always harder then brain surgery! But everyday is a Fashion show, remember that! Even if no one sees you!

I got engaged on November 18th of 2012, and shortly after my Fiance and I had our engagement pictures taken in an upscale fun eclectic town, where my Fiance and I had our first apartment together. Of course for weeks I was stressing for weeks on what to wear! I wanted an outfit that would accentuate my body and not make me cringe when seeing the pictures, even if it was 10 years later! I of course searched threw the internet of what to wear in an engagement shoot and of course could not find really much!

Our engagement shoot was in the Fall, so I was able to choose a fun fall outfit, which did not take away what was most important in the shoot, my Fiance and I!

I went to Aritzia, an amazing new store in my local mall, and picked out nearly half of my outfit from there. I first got a beautiful peplum ivory lace top, which had a beautiful zipper in the back, which zipped half way up. The color was not too overpowering, and it really was causal but nice enough to wear. Under that I wore a tan tank. I layered a burgundy blazer over the peplum top, to give me that more fall look. All three tops were from Aritzia, which I believe were under $200, expensive yes but it was for my engagement shoots!

Check out the store I got my tops from!:

I then went with dark wash jeans, because those are the most flattering. I stayed away from any acid washes or light jeans. I then wore my high Mattise brown boots, which have a heel to them. (Be careful with a crazy heel, you will be walking around and standing around a lot when taking pictures).

Jewelry wise, I normally would go crazy and wear bangles to the extreme, but this time I wanted my ring to do all the talking. My Fiance worked hard for that ring, and I wanted it to be one of the main focuses, other then him and I of course. I opted for a beautiful `Love` gold necklace, and some stud diamond earrings, and of course my beautiful J Crew gold chain bracelet. That was it, short and simple to the point.

Makeup wise I kept it very basic and had a natural eye and nude lipstick and lip gloss, which I can thank my local Mac counter, for just buying $50 worth of products in order to get my makeup done!

My fiance wore a Navy Blue Burberry sweatshirt like top, which had a zipper half way. Under the sweatshirt he wore a red plaid like button up, which really accentuated the Burberry shirt. He wore dark jeans, which had a slight acid wash to them ( I was so mad about), and shoes.

Here are a few things that I focused on when picking out my outfit and accessories:

-Do not wait last minute to pick out your outfit, it won`t work!

-Let your ring be the focus, don`t go crazy with the jewelry. Your Fiance worked hard for that ring, don`t over power it with other accessories! I picked a chunky bracelet and studs, as well as a cute `Love` necklace, because of course our photo shoot was all about love!

-Outfits with sleeves are always flattering

-Boots always accentuate your legs (especially in a cute dress!)

-Wear dark jeans, my Fiance wore jeans that were not fully dark and it drove me nuts, not to mention it does take your eye off the real meaning behind the picture.

-A pop of color does not hurt anyone!

-A collared shirt for guys, and a v neck shirt or a shirt that shows your chest bone is nice for girls!

-Use a fun scarf to use in the pictures as an accent color, or to use for fun in the pictures.

-Pick an outfit that is cohesive and goes with your other half, they should go together, but not perfectly together. Keep the same color scheme, but mix and match in a way that you go together but do not go against each other clothing wise. I wore a burgundy blazer with a lace ivory top under it, my Fiance wore a navy blue top, with a red button up under it.

-Pick an outfit you are comfortable in. You want to get something that makes you feel confident in. If not you will see it in your photos.

-Try on the outfit before you wear it, and of course take a few pictures in it to see how it looks!

-Do your hair, or get your makeup done! Pros know how to give you the perfect makeup for photos! You could even do your makeup trial for the photos!

-Nix the crazy patterns, they never look good in pictures. Sometimes they even make the pictures look like a crazy maze!

What did you wear for your engagement pictures? Any tips you can add?

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