What to visit in Paris?

5 years ago

The monuments of France are so diverse as this country is full of history. Paris is rich in monuments, then the question arises: what to visit in Paris? Do not be deceived to know everything in a short time. It is humanly impossible. Choose what to visit in Paris and go ahead. Paris is a city to go back and forth several times.

The restaurants in Paris are often expensive and for those who prefer to save money, the best place to eat well and reasonably priced is in the Louvre in Paris. In the basement has an area of restaurants. Getting to the inverted pyramid is a corridor for restaurants. Go up the escalators and is already in the complex of snacks. Obviously, to get there do not pay anything. The Louvre is only paid to see the works of art that are exhibited there. Paris is an expensive city and the story of a French restaurant (expensive and little food on the plate) is not a legend! At the Louvre, you eat well and cheaply paid.

For those who love art, the Louvre is the best option among the many monuments of Paris. My suggestion here is not wasting much time, unless you are passionate about art. In this case yes it is worth all the time spent. Moreover, lack of time to see everything. The museum entrance is by the pyramid. From 15:00 the Louvre is cheaper.

Of all the monuments of Paris, this is the best known. Try to go at it day and night live you`ll know why. The queue to climb the tower is huge. You pay the ticket by walking you want to go. Go to last may not be worth much worth it! It has the bust of Eiffel and is a closet for you to see the city. Not worth paying for it. Go to the 2nd floor is enough, can be seen throughout the city without any effort.

The Palace of Versailles was a reference for many other palaces. There are many thumbnails it spreads through Europe. Do not fall into the trap of paying for a walk there. Take the subway / train to Versailles. You only spend money from the tickets and a few euros (few) to enter the city and of course the ticket of the palace. My tip for those who have not much time is: do not waste too much time inside the palace, spend more time in the gardens are magnificent. To go to the gardens is paid, but it`s worth. There is a water show and sound. Before paying attest to the time of this show.

The funds of the church of Notre-Dame are more beautiful than the front, so do not forget to take pictures in the back of Notre-Dame.

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