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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! I wanted to make a post about my favorite snacks that can only be found inside the Disney Parks. Okay maybe you can find them at select other locations, but my point is these aren`t from your local supermarket.
My top snacks at Disney include the two items pictures here, and one that isn`t.
First off: Mickey Crispy treats. I personally love rice krispy treats and homemade ones are the best and at Disney it`s no exception. You can stop into the Candy shop sometimes and see them mixing up a batch of fresh treats! Plus everything tastes better shaped like Mickey!

The second treat is actually my number one favorite and I can only find it at Disney and no others compare! Minute Maid soft Frozen Lemonade cup. When I go to Disney I make a point to have one of these cups EVERY day i`m on vacation to have one of these cups. They cost around $4.75 and they`re worth every penny. They do sell these at select places outside of Disney, but none near me and shipping a refridgerated product on Amazon is incredibly expensive. Seriously I love these, they`re heaven in a cup, and now I want one...

The third snack is a classic Mickey bar. It resembles a Mickey shape Klondike bar on a stick. The center is a creamy luscious vanilla ice cream that is coated in a chocolate shell of bliss! When it`s how these treated are the sweeter cool down to my sour lemonade.
Sometimes I have all my snacks in one day, I mean it`s a free country right? Mickey don`t judge!

What are your favorite snacks? Disney or not.
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