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I was lucky last month to have the opportunity to travel to Europe for a business trip. It was my first time crossing an ocean to visit a foreign country, and I was unbelievably excited! The first stop on our trip was Frankfurt Germany, and then we flew over to Goteborg Sweden.
Sweden is the country I never knew I wanted to visit! I am so glad I had the opportunity to walk around the city for an afternoon, because it is beautiful!
We only had one free afternoon to explore, but we got to see a lot in just a few hours.
The first picture is a view from our hotel window. There is an amusement park in the city that has the tallest roller coaster in Sweden. We didn`t visit the amusement park, but the Ferris Wheel had beautiful twinkling lights at night! We couldn`t get a clear picture of it though, they all came out blurry.
The second picture is of a building around the corner from our hotel. I just thought the building was really interesting looking, the city is full of buildings like that one.

The last thing we did was head to the Goteborg art museum. I had seen a brochure that mentioned there was a Van Gogh Exhibit displaying at the museum and I absolutely had to go. The statue in the next picture is of the Greek God Poseidon, he is the mascot of the city. The art museum is the building directly behind the statue. Next to the museum is an opera house, and a theatre.
The next picture was taken directly in front of the fountain, just facing the other direction. The museum is nestled at the top of the main road in the city, lining the road are tons of shops, apartments and restaurants.
Now back to the museum.
Inside the museum there were 2 special exhibits going on, the Van Gogh and the exhibit of Gothic landscapes. The first picture of artwork is from the Gothic landscapes. I am really glad we visited this exhibit because we almost skipped it. Gothic artwork is one of my favorite styles, and all the pieces on display were breath taking. If you ever have an exhibit like this in your area you have to see it!
The next work of art is a moving sculpture. My dad and I were pretty fascinated by this rotating women. It was also incredibly huge. I`ll let you gather your own opinions.
The next painting is more conservative. I took a picture of this because somehow it made me think of Pride and Prejudice, which one of my friends had been reading recently and enjoys a great deal.
The next gruesome work is also in thought of a friend. She and I share an obsession with Alice in Wonderland, and it`s easy to see the queen of Hearts in this portrait.
The photo I stumbled upon nearly by accident. We had just left the Van Gogh exhibit and were heading towards the exit when I was trying to explain to my dad why Van Gogh`s art work is so special. I have a thing for tree`s, I love them and I was looking this painting over when I realized it was a Monet. There were a couple other Monet pieces on display, but this one is my favorite.

Now we weren`t allowed to take pictures inside the Van Gogh exhibit, and it was guarded inside and out. I have to agree that pictures or the pictures takes away from the beauty of the craft in a way. I think everyone should have the opportunity to see art and learn to appreciate it. It really brings out your creative side, and it pulls on your emotions too.
We were in the museum until nearly closing time! I couldn`t believe all the art work we had seen.
Seeing a work by Van Gogh in person was something I kept on my bucket list, and now I`ve done it.

We had to work the rest of our time in Goteborg, but after that we flew over to Stockholm Sweden, where we went on a walking tour with one of our coworkers. I`ll share that experience another time though!
Have you ever been to Sweden? What do you think of art and Van Gogh?

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