What To Pack When Going To A Hot Country

4 years ago

Do you have no idea what to pack if your going to Spain? Well this blog is for you! I will give you some ideas of what to pack on your exotic getaway. Packing things is important, because its the first thing to do when you are planning your holiday. You have to make sure you bring everything, so try and make a checklist to help you.

ALWAYS bring the following necessities:

*Sunblock (otherwise you may get sunburnt, and you don`t want to ruin your lovely skin!)

*Sunglasses (This way you look good and your protecting your eyes)

*A cap (optional, but highly recommended for that extra shade)

*light cotton T-shirts (these are cheap and most stores sell them now, so you won`t have to ruin you lovely silk ones!)

*Flip Flops and sandals (You don`t want to cover your feet up, otherwise your feet will be very sweaty, also you`ll look very stylish.)

*cotton underwear (we all know why)

*Swimsuits (If you are heading to a beach and you want to swim, then you`ll need one of these. If you are heading to the beach but you don`t want to swim, then bring it anyway, you could lie under the sun for a tan, or just lie under an umbrella. It will cool you down so much easier.)

*Towels (If your swimming. If your not, you can just lie on one on the beach)

*Bottled water (to keep you hydrated and cool)

Hopefully you enjoyed my post. If you would like me to do this post based on another climate, or if you have any questions about this post, please tell me in the comments, and I will respond as soon as I can.

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